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Current Treatment Challenges

As you know, the last few years have been difficult in terms of our ability to appropriately treat our chronic pain management patients. The current environment surrounding opioids in non-cancer pain has rapidly changed. The level of prior authorizations for various medications at our clinics is a tremendous burden and the insurance coverage on those medications has precipitously declined year by year. Outside the pharmacologic realm, the obstacles surrounding interventional treatment, and lack of insurance coverage for alternative treatments are also impediments to our patients getting optimal pain relief. The end result is much more difficult time in our efforts to effectively treat our patients.

Our Solution & Mission

With this, over a year ago, we started to explore the possibility of creating a pain treatment option that we feel could manage various forms of pain conditions using cannabidiol and specific supplements that address specific pain syndromes. Peter and I have been researching the cannabidiol market, and saw tremendous gaps in purity, strength and delivery and we felt we could make a meaningful impact for the medical community.

CBD is Legal in all 50 States

We want to underscore that cannabidiol (CBD) is legal in all 50 states (no Medical Marijuana Card needed), and there is significant and increasing data showing pain relief without the cognitive effects associated with THC. We are not endorsing that these unique combinations of CBD will help every patient, but in the context of a non-opioid, natural substance that has the potential for effective pain relief, we feel that CBD with purposeful additives for specific types of pain and wellness fills a void for many of our patients.

Healthcare Provider Opportunity

We specifically wanted to introduce an opportunity we are offering healthcare providers. A simple and straightforward wholesale opportunity to provide ancillary revenue to your practices. Your patients can be confident in the quality of this product which is physician backed. This will allow your practice to benefit, and we feel confidently your patients will benefit too.

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