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Jeff Schaeffer


Jeff Schaeffer


Jeff Schaeffer is the founder of PARC (Patient Alternative Relief Center), one of the first state licensed medical marijuana dispensary’s in AZ. Mr. Schaeffer started researching the proposed medical marijuana program in Arizona in November 2011, after 25 years of corporate management experience. To further his research, Mr. Schaeffer traveled to California, Montana and Colorado, observing and training with experienced marijuana growers. Eventually, Mr. Schaeffer obtained his cultivating caregiver license and built a 7000-square foot indoor grow facility. During this time, Mr. Schaeffer also hired and trained with competitive growers for Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. As the facility expanded, Mr. Schaeffer hired and worked with additional growing staff from Colorado and Washington.

Mr. Schaeffer eventually began the process of developing the PARC operation. Mr. Schaeffer was involved in all stages of obtaining the Dispensary License for PARC, including putting together PARC’s Board of Directors and completing the application and other requirements for the Dispensary License. Mr. Schaeffer completed and submitted applications for a dispensary license in five different cities in Arizona and was, with the Dispensary License, successfully awarded a dispensary license for the third largest territory in Arizona. Mr. Schaeffer also designed and managed the build out for the Dispensary. Throughout the process of applying for and obtaining the Dispensary License and building the Dispensary, Mr. Schaeffer continued to study and cultivate at larger levels, including attending seminars and conferences about cultivation and dispensary management throughout the country.

On September 4, 2013, PARC opened its doors to the public. As the executive director, Mr. Schaeffer is involved in all aspects of running the operation. Until June 2015, Mr. Schaeffer also grew and provided PARC with all of the medical marijuana sold at the Dispensary and, since then, has continued to obtain the medical marijuana needed for the Dispensary by utilizing his network in the community. In February 2015, Mr. Schaeffer began cultivation at a manufacturing level. During his time Mr. Schaeffer has worked on designing and constructing a 37.000 square foot cultivation facility for PARC, capable of producing advanced medical marijuana and extractions.

In the second quarter of 2017, Mr. Schaeffer began working with Dr. Grove and Dr. Kubitz to creating a company developing a CBD product line. Working with the doctors and chemist in the state of Washington, Mr. Schaeffer helped developed an alternative to patients everywhere. The Physician’s Choice CBD is currently being distributed to pain management, oncology, primary care, and wellness centers throughout the United States and internationally. Our product is a top quality full spectrum micro encapsulated pill designed with additional additives developed by Physicians experienced with over 30 combined years in pain management.

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