How do I know what's in your product, are the ingredients listed on the label?

This goes back again to the lack of FDA oversight on CBD products and supplements in general. Regarding CBD, the highly reputable Journal Of The American Medical Association (JAMA) published findings from a study in November 2017. Eighty-four products were purchased from 31 online companies, then sent to an outside lab for purity testing.

The findings demonstrated that in the CBD products purchased online and tested, 26% (1 out of every 4) contained less CBD than labeled, which could negate any potential clinical response. Even more concerning was that although the concentration of unlabeled cannabinoids was generally low, THC was detected in many products that could be sufficient to produce intoxication or impairment, especially among children and the elderly.  

This over labeling of CBD products in this study is similar in magnitude to levels that triggered warning letters to 14 businesses in 2015-2016 from the US Food and Drug Administration (e.g., actual CBD content was negligible or less than 1% of the labeled content).

The Physician’s Choice CBD products undergo voluntary testing at an outside lab to test for purity and quality of the CBD being provided to our patients and consumers. There is no place for inappropriate, deceptive, and potentially dangerous marketing practices utilized in healthcare, including for CBD containing products.

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Are your products created and designed by practicing physicians?

Yes, both Dr. Grove and Dr. Kubitz are board certified practicing physicians with training at Harvard and Mayo Clinic, specializing in pain management.

What makes your CBD better than others?

Extraction techniques – Our CBD is extracted using CO2 extraction techniques, avoiding the use of harsh and possibly dangerous chemicals

Our CBD undergoes 3rd party testing with full transparency on testing results through Trace Analytics.

The Physicians’ Choice CBD is all full spectrum and combined with supplements in a proprietary blend for a synergistic approach to managing your condition.

I have tried CBD before and it didn't seem to help. How is your product going to be different?

For CBD to work, it requires understanding of how CBD works and that this process needs three crucial factors, we call QDC,  to be addressed for the best opportunity for improvement.

As CBD products are not currently FDA regulated, it is up to the company selling to the product to ensure that they are offering the highest quality products, at the most affordable pricing. See answer to #5 below regarding JAMA recently published an article outlining that many products being sold either do not have the amount of CBD outlined on their labels, and in some cases no CBD at all!

Commonly those using CBD products do not take CBD in dosages that likely could prove to be more beneficial. Factors that influence the response to CBD are numerous and still being worked out in research studies. Our patient related experiences have demonstrated that higher doses than what is commonly used is typically well tolerated and found to be more effective. It is not uncommon for patients to reports minimal benefit taking a total of 10-15mg of CBD per day and taking this inconsistently.

Like many options explored to manage pain and other conditions, treatment with CBD takes time and consistency. Our patient related experiences, which mirrors that of other colleagues in the medical community, is that CBD taken consistently and for many weeks commonly results in better outcomes. We recommend that CBD containing products be used for no less than 6 weeks before the most optimal benefits can begin to be realized. Relief may occur sooner for products without a pain focus, but it can still take time with those as well.

We recognize that not everyone will benefit from the use of our products, yet we are confident that many will. No matter what direction you choose when deciding on treating your condition with CBD, remember Quality, Dosage, and Commitment.

I am taking a product that says 500mg pf CBD on it, so am I taking 500mg per dose?

The answer is most likely no. A point of common confusion with CBD products is the way they are labelled. Most often, when a bottle of CBD says it has 500mg of CBD, that is the amount of CBD in the entire bottle. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize the labelling to see how much CBD you are getting per each recommended dose taken.

Our products are labeled with a clear outline of how much CBD and supplements are available with each dose being taken, as well as how often to take them. Most of our products are simple once daily, or twice daily dosing. Taking the confusion and uncertainty out of this process, so you can focus on the results.

Will I test positive on a urine drug screen/test while using your products?

When using a high-quality hemp-based CBD product like The Physicians’ Choice CBD at the standard serving size, it is considered highly unlikely you would test positive for THC and/or it’s metabolites. When using extremely high doses of CBD (upward of 1000 mg/day for example), the possibility of testing positive on a screen test increases, yet would most likely still be negative on a laboratory test.