Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin, yet functions more like a hormone. It is best known for its role in bone health. Studies have increasingly demonstrated a corollary between low Vitamin D and chronic pain.  Vitamin D is typically absorbed in our bodies through sun exposure and dietary intake.  It is very common, although still not commonly tested for, to find many individuals, even in sun-rich environments, to be deficient in Vitamin D.

Additionally, Vitamin D has been found to play a role in promoting and maintaining healthy sleep. Research has recently shown that insufficient levels of Vitamin D are associated with poor sleep quality. In particular, individuals with low levels of Vitamin D increased the likelihood of inadequate sleep, commonly less than 5 hours per night. There were also lower sleep efficiency scores in those with lower levels of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D also plays a role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

The following conditions have been found to be present in those with low Vitamin D:

  1. Muscle and bone aching
  2. Fatigue and weakness
  3. Sensitization-lower pain threshold
  4. Depression/Irritability
  5. Decreased energy
  6. Frequent illness
  7. Slow or impaired wound healing

Adding Vitamin D3 to our CBD blends helps to address the commonly unrecognized deficiency of Vitamin D as a contributor to chronic pain and poor disrupted sleep patterns.

Note: for those that are found by laboratory testing to be moderately deficient in Vitamin D, you may require additional supplementation, possibly only temporarily until your levels stabilize. Please discuss having your vitamin D levels checked with your healthcare provider.


Do not exceed dosing recommendations when taking supplements. Exercise caution consuming herbal supplements if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have a medical condition or take certain medications in which consuming herbal supplements may be contraindicated. Make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any herbal supplement to ensure there are no risks for you.

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