Green Tea Extract

There are three main types of tea we consume, green, black and oolong. Of these, green tea is the least processed, is rich in catechins, and naturally contains caffeine. Certain catechins are known to have antioxidant properties (e.g. helps in fight against cancer), have inflammation-reducing properties, and may be helpful in promoting weight loss.

Caffeine use to help increase energy levels and alertness, has been used for thousands of years.  Potential benefits of caffeine at moderate doses includes, improved concentration, increased arousal and energy, and improved exercise stamina and muscle performance. There are negatives to consuming too much caffeine and these are different for everyone. When comparing the positives and negatives of consuming various types of caffeine for increasing energy, caffeine from green tea extract appears to take the lead in providing the most optimal balance.

Although not required to be on the label, indicating the amount of caffeine in our products emphasizes our commitment to transparency, and allow consumers to understand what they are taking and how it may affect them.

Our CBD-ENERGY Re-leaf blend contains caffeine from Green Tea, in an amount which is equal to approximately 1-2 cups of coffee, depending on the type of coffee being compared. We feel this amount of caffeine combined with the other supplements in our blend allows for lower amounts of each to be used to achieve a desired energy boosting effect.


Do not exceed dosing recommendations for this or any supplements/products consumed. Exercise caution consuming products containing caffeine if you are pregnant or nursing, those with heart disease, diabetes, and kidney disease, or taking any medications. Consult your doctor before use of green tea extracts or any product containing caffeine.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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