Pain & Inflammation

Medical Mist – A Literature Review

There are many studies and ongoing research on how CBD effectively regulates the body’s homeostasis, impacting such functions as mood, sleep, appetite, hormone regulation, pain, and immune response.

The Physician’s Choice – CBD Medical Mist products are made from pure, full-spectrum extracts of agricultural hemp. They are offered as a means of providing the benefits offered by CBD combined with specific supplements to help achieve relief for many symptoms and conditions.  Our CBD 120 dose and 240 dose formulations are premium science-based formulas derived from organically-grown hemp, combined with our proprietary blend of supplements, and certified organic ingredients. These mists have great flavor and provide a full 1mg of CBD in every spray. ***Doses are different, aren’t they?

Why Use Medical Mist Sprays

Here’s how they work. Oral absorption is the process that occurs when nutrients or other molecules like cannabinoids are taken up into the highly vascular tissues of the oral mucosa. The spray provides an ultra-efficient mist of particles with a much higher surface area than most traditional oral applications, such as tinctures/drops. This results in a much more effective delivery system and ensures consumers receive the maximum benefit from each dose.

Once the spray is given, the CBD absorbs across the oral mucosa, and the CBD immediately enters the systemic circulation. From there, the cannabinoids are carried throughout the body. This is a rapid and efficient process.

Available in five different forms, The Physician’s Choice – CBD Mist for Pain/Inflammation, Anxiety, Sleep, Energy, and Wellness, provide convenient and instantaneous relief through our oral spray safe, natural formulations:

  • No messy tincture droppers
  • No smoke or vapor – No odor!
  • No potential respiratory complications from inhaled products
  • Easy use anywhere
  • Manage levels throughout the day
  • Tastes great
  • Instant effect
  • Patented technology

The Physician’s Choice – Medical Mist combines CBD with our proprietary blends and utilizes well-studied, safe, and helpful dosages, providing a unique and synergistic approach to achieving one’s wellness goals.

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