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CBD – SLEEP SUPPORT – Medical Mist 120mg
$60.00 available on subscription
CBD – SLEEP SUPPORT - Medical Mist 120mg NEW ITEM! 0% THC! Sleep is vital to helping our bodies recover from our daily activities, essentially to reboot the system. Without adequate sleep, especially on a long-term basis, can add undue stress to our bodies, leading to an increased risk of medical problems. Many who have [...]
$80.00 available on subscription
CBD – Full spectrum Coenzyme Q10 Riboflavin Magnesium Migraine is a characteristically unique type of headache disorder. Migraines can cause a commonly debilitating throbbing or pulsing sensation in one or both sides of the head. These headaches are commonly associated with nausea, vomiting, and high sensitivity to light and sound. The attacks are commonly preceded by [...]
$145.00 available on subscription
CBD - CENTRAL Re-leaf Alpha-lipoic Acid Vitamin B12 Nerve pain, otherwise known as neuropathic pain, no matter what the cause, can be one of the most challenging pain conditions for an individual to live with, as well as for health care providers to help manage.  The causes of neuropathic (nerve) pain are numerous and include: [...]