CBD – Pain and Inflammation – Medical Mist

CBD – Pain and Inflammation – Medical Mist



CBD – Pain and Inflammation – Medical Mist

Inflammation is the body’s natural response to something in the body that is abnormal or may be causing harm.  Inflammation, in general, is a vital component of how our body helps help with something like an infection. When it comes to patients with various chronic conditions, inflammation may play a role in causing a harmful inflammatory response, and a result of that can lead to chronic pain.  Chronic lower levels of inflammation also play a role in many conditions ranging from heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome, and Alzheimer’s.

Our CBD –  Pain and Inflammation Medical Mist product combines the powerful activity of Cannabidiol (CBD) with numerous supplements, including:


Vitamin C

Gingko Biloba

Ginger Root


Magnolia Bark

Willow Bark

Each of the ingredients we have chosen to combine with CBD for our pain and inflammation product makes use of not only our knowledge, yet also our clinical experience, of what each carries in its role for managing inflammation and pain. For more detailed information about these supplements, please click on the name of each above.

The Physician’s Choice – CBD Medical Mist combines full-spectrum CBD with proprietary blends of natural supplements, utilizing well-studied, safe, and helpful dosages, to provide a unique and synergistic approach to achieving your wellness goals.

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