CBD – Energy – Medical Mist

CBD – Energy – Medical Mist



CBD – Energy – Medical Mist

CBD has been shown to have potent and essential antioxidant properties.  The benefits of antioxidants are vital to good health. If free radicals are left unchallenged, they can contribute to various illnesses and chronic diseases. Supporting our body’s wellness by utilizing the antioxidant properties of CBD, your body will consume less energy involved in maintaining your health and wellbeing. In turn, your body can use these energy reserves to be more efficient with other daily activities you enjoy.

Our CBD –  Energy  Medical Mist product combines the powerful activity of Cannabidiol (CBD) with numerous supplements to help further improve your energy and wellness goals, including:

B-vitamins, Vitamin A, C, and E




Ginko Biloba

Ginger Root


Rose hips

The Physician’s Choice – CBD Medical Mist combines full-spectrum CBD with proprietary blends of natural supplements, utilizing well-studied, safe, and helpful dosages, to provide a unique and synergistic approach to achieving your wellness goals.

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